Guided Falls Tour

Elected as one of the 8 wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls is a true marvel - an amazing phenomenon of water and rock. At 1750m wide, the Victoria Falls is the world’s biggest single curtain of falling water. Turbulent mist rises from the 110m depths to form a thick cloud which can be seen from several miles away. A footpath was created to run the opposite face of the Victoria Falls and allow tourist a close-up view of the gushing waters. Take a guided tour by day or by moonlight and witness amazing rainbows leaping from the mist. In drier months, peep closer at the amazing geology of the site and let our guide take you back 150million years ago to its formation. Voted a ‘must see’ site by Conde Nast and by National Geographic Society!

US$ 50

River Cruises

Enjoy a leisurely boat cruise on the mighty Zambezi River, the 4th longest in Africa. Its pristine, unpolluted waters are home to hippopotamus, many fish species including the famous Tiger fish, as well as a myriad of bird life. Cruises can be taken at any time of day - the most popular being our floating spa which offer unique therapeutic treatments to the rippling sounds of the water. Sunset and diner cruises are just as relaxing, with the occasional sighting of wildlife along the banks of the river. For those seeking the thrill of fast-moving craft, take a hair-raising ride on a ‘jet’ boat and skim the shallow waters above the Victoria Falls where so few have been.

Sunrise Cruise: US$60

Lunch Cruise: US$65

Sunset Cruise: US$55

Cruise & Diner: US$80

Jet Boat: US$85

Floating Spa

Indulge your senses in a unique spa treatment on the Zambezi River. Using natural extracts from age old African remedies from trees such as Baobab, Marula and Kigelia, our therapists will gently distress your body from jetlag, from the exertions of rustic safaris and the discomforts or changing beds while on holiday. Offering an assortment of treatments with some starting on the very banks and continued on water, there could not be any better way to refresh and re-engergise your body.

Back, Neck and
Shoulder: US$55

Hand Massage: US$10

Sole Revival: US$55

Swedish: US$80

Village Tour

Immerse yourself in an authentic African experience by taking a tour to Chidobe or Mukuni village 25km away from town. Spend time with villagers and be part of their daily rhythm as they pound grain, fetch water from the borehole, shell maize or as they avoid the sun by simply relaxing under the eaves of their mud and thatch huts. According to 2014 estimates by the World Bank, over 57% of Africans still live in rural areas, subsisting largely on agro based activities. A tour to the village will open your eyes to the past, to the very basics of human existence and to the source of good health and real happiness which is not fettered by material possessions. Village tours form part of our CSR initiatives meant to spread the benefits of tourism amongst the communities within which we operate. By taking that tour, you are actively contributing toward better health and education opportunities for the villagers.

US$ 50

Township Tour

Engage your senses in a vibrant tour of an African Township - a bridging community between a typical rural village and an urban suburbia. A Dambwa or Chinotimba township tour will take you through the dirt streets, past the football playing kids to the colourful open markets where anything from vegetables through furniture to clothing goes. The township is the tribal melting pot of many African cities and many dialects fill the air in a constant buzz of happy humanity. Visit a family and be part of their lives for a brief moment - sharing in their experiences and perspectives on life.

US$ 20

Flight of Angels

 "Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by Angels in their flight" David Livingstone From the earliest times there have been legends of men mounting flying devices or strapping birdlike wings, stiffened cloaks or other devices to themselves and attempting to fly. Today’s visitor need not strap feathers to their arms anymore. Rather, enjoy an exhilarating flight that takes in the total length of the waterfall including parts of the famous Zambezi and Mosi Oa Tunya National Parks. From such height, the full geological perspective of this wonderful phenomenon makes perfect sense as you observe the river zig zagging through the deep Batoka gorges on its long journey toward the Indian ocean For the more adventurous, embark on a microlight flight at dawn or dusk to enjoy the waterfall in beautiful soft light.

Zambia: US$ 165

Zimbabwe: US$ 196

Elephant interact

Elephants are the world’s largest land mammals. Their intelligence combines with acute memory to ensure the species’ survival, and indeed dominance in the African bush. By taking some time to ride and interact with trained elephants, you get to learn of the many anti-poaching initiatives meant to protect the species and ensure its protection. The rangers will also share with you their incredible experiences with the jumbos - including how they train them and how they shape the African landscape.

Zimbabwe: US$ 60

White Water Rafting

Local mythology speaks of Nyaminyami, a benevolent serpent-like river god who inhabits the depths of the Zambezi river. The Tonga, Lozi and Leya tribes fervently worship Nyaminyami, turning to him both in times of need and in times of plenty. Take a day out with knowledgeable river guides and explore the rapids downstream of the Victoria Falls in an inflatable raft. Enjoy the adrenalin moments as you challenge grade 5 rapids and finish the experience with a refreshing Zambezi and Mosi lager!

US$ 120

Rhino Safaris

The Rhinoceros is Africa’s most endangered species - targeted for its beautiful horn which is wrongly believed to have aphrodisiac qualities. Allow our knowledgeable ranger to take you on a safari to seek out the Rhino and dispel the dangerous myths around the potency of its keratin horn - indeed not any different from your fingernails! Up close, marvel at the Rhino which is a true relic from the extinct dinosaur era.

US$ 100

Chobe Full Day Safaris

The Chobe National Park on the northern border of Botswana touches Zambia and Zimbabwe on the Zambezi river. The park has the largest density of elephants anywhere on the African continent, and boasts large herds of buffaloes, kudus, impala, lechwes and over a hundred bird species which perambulate around the fringes of the Chobe river. A typical day trip to Chobe includes a boat safari plus a usually intense 4x4 safari that overwhelms the senses with game sightings. A buffet lunch at one of the fine lodges is included on the banks of the Chobe River.

US$ 170


The exhilaration of paddling your own canoe on the Zambezi River is unparalleled as it brings you that much closer to nature. Water has such therapeutic effect on people and nowhere else but on a canoe can one experience the serenity of the River - only broken by the occasional grunt of a hippo or the eerie call of a Fish eagle on the hunt. Various crafts exist to cater for different temperaments starting from big inflatable rafts through 2-men rigid canoes to 3-men Canadian flat bottomed canoes. Delectable snacks and refreshing beverages are served as you gently float downstream.

US$ 160


Many fish species inhabit the Zambezi River making for a rich and diverse biome still running clear and unpolluted from source to mouth - through Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Keen anglers can spend many happy hours trying their hand at Tiger fishing - renowned for its spectacular jump and fight. Bass and different type of tilapia make for excellent sport fish - not to mention the voracious catfish which rule the dark depths. Our fishing guides know just what bait and which spots to take you to for a trip to remember. Enjoy short, half day and full day experiences complete with tackle and bait.

3hrs: US$130

Half day: US$160

Full Day: US$250

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